Social Advocacy Program

The Next Evolution of Influencer Marketing

While you can boast about your own product and service, social media advocacy is a better way to spread the word. It involves using third-party cheerleaders, known as brand evangelists, to promote your brand through their own social media channels.

We make it easy for you to grow your business

Raise Massive
Brand Awareness
Build Trust &
Brand Advocacy
Reach New
Targetted Audience
It's fun and memorable.

Raise Awareness

Reach highly engaging audience with the most innovative ad formats on mobile. Bundled with the most creative selfies from people all around the world!

Data-driven word of mouth,
Let your fans speak for you.

Forge Trust & Advocacy

Tap into your customers' connections and social circles, seamlessly. Incentivise their love and make them feel appreciated.

With just a 12% increase in advocacy, on average, companies can experience a 2X growth in revenue .
— Report in the Harvard Business School Press.
It's about authenticity & true engagement,
Not just pushing views.

Drive Actions & Results

Make massive impact with the help of true consumers as your brand evangelists. Driving leads and improve sales like never before!

83% of consumers placed the most trust in the recommendations of friends and family.
Furthermore, 66% trusted the opinions of consumers they found online.
 — Report by Nielsen Catalina Solutions

We make your brand loved by everyone