Funfilter Design Guidelines

Artwork design should NOT cover more than 40% of total available space.


PNG should have a height of 1920 pixels and width of 1080 pixels, arranged in vertical form.


Learn more about Funfilter Submission Guidelines before proceed to submission.

Funfilter Submission Guidelines

Funfilters are creative overlays that users can apply to their photos. Now artists, designers and everyone around the world can submit their own unique and creative Funfilter artwork to celebrate with the world!


Following these guidelines and design criteria will help increase the likelihood of your Funfilter being selected:



  • Businesses are not currently eligible for free Personal and Community Funfilters submission.

  • Locally-inspired design.

  • Emotional expressive and fun to play with.

  • Select a public celebrations, cultural festivals and interesting events that people will love to be a part of it and take snaps.


Graphics & Artworks

  • All graphics and artworks used must be 100% original.

  • No logos or trademarks. Unless it is officially authorised by relevant party. 

  • No photographs.

  • No hashtags and links. 

  • Be creative and make it artistically appealing.

  • Don't cover up too much of the screen. Preferably less than 40% of total available space.

  • Make sure it's relevant to subject matter and something that people will want to use.


Submission Tips

  • Provide a good description, including any relevant dates.

  • Files should be 1080px wide and 1920px tall.

  • Files should be under 400KB (PNG Format).


If you have additional questions, please refer to our Funfilter FAQs, or you can proceed to Funfilter submission page.